Choisir son photographe,

C'est choisir son confident, son témoin,

C'est choisir celui ou celle qui va vivre avec vous les moments les plus forts de ce grand jour,

C'est choisir celui ou celle qui va écrire une des plus importantes étapes de votre vie.

Mille mercis à vous qui nous avez choisi,

Mille mercis à tous ces moments de bonheur,

Mille mercis à tous ces rires, sourires et instants de joie,

Mille mercis pour votre confiance.


A travers ce site, vous découvrirez notre style.

Un style simple, qui s'efforce de créer des images à votre image.


Parce qu'un mariage est unique et authentique.

Thank you very much for taking the time to browse our site. At this point you will read some information about us, although it is not always easy to find the words to talk about us. 
Hoby and Graziella are more than 15 years together and two little angels.
We have always compared ourselves to a Biographer, with the heavy mission of engraving the story of a life in a book. Some small differences still remain. Instead of a pen we have a camera, and we are entitled to only one test.
Being your photographer is to have the privilege and the honor of becoming your confidant, to share your intimacy, to live strong moments and magical moments.
Simple and discreet, we will take care to reflect lovingly your happiness on our photos, and  o create this imprint that will be engraved forever in your memories. So is the magic of photography. 
Our approach
Well before the big day. It seems important to meet us, to exchange, to discuss. You will share us your desires, your wishes, your dreams. This crucial step will allow you to learn to know us better.
During the big day. we will be at your side to accompany you. We will remain "erase" so that you can enjoy and live fully this day. Therefore, we will not use flash. We will pay special attention to the decisive moments, and to the couple photo shoot. The latter can also be done after the wedding. 
After the big day, we will devote ourselves to the treatment of your images with the greatest care. At your request, we can give you a selection of pictures for your thank you card.